Erin Eliasen

General Counsel

NorthStar Energy

Attorney Erin Eliasen joined the Saltchuk Corporate Home as Associate General Counsel in June of 2018. She’s currently General Counsel for NorthStar Energy.

“Taking on this role gave me the opportunity to be dedicated to the growth and success of one business unit, allowed me to learn all aspects of the business, and to expand my responsibilities outside of legal to risk management, environmental, and safety matters.”

What advantages do you see to growing within the same family of companies rather than seeking external opportunities?

From my perspective, the Saltchuk family of companies is amazing, from top to bottom. Going to a different business unit would give me (or anyone) the opportunity to learn about a different business, with different risks and goals, and work with more great people. 

What similarities have you found in the culture between Saltchuk companies?

Everyone wants to do the right thing – no shortcuts. People are generally very positive, hardworking, and have can-do attitudes.

Was there anything you did that helped prepare you to take on a larger role with one of the OpCos?

It helped that when I was with Saltchuk, I was doing work for NorthStar and got to know the management team through that process.