“It’s the best of both worlds. Saltchuk has done a great job of providing large, public-type company benefits while still keeping the family feel. I definitely see the difference I make in the growth of the companies.”

Liane Meyers Senior HR Director Saltchuk Aviation Shared Services  Liane Meyers joined Saltchuk in 2001, just after Delta Western joined the family of companies. Delta Western at the time was […]

“I have been with Saltchuk companies for almost 10 years now. It really has been the best company I have ever worked for. From pulling cables through the snow in Prudhoe Bay to opening up offices in Florida, it has been an adventure.”

Jason Lingg Director of Infrastructure and Operations Saltchuk Jason Lingg began his Saltchuk career working for NorthStar Energy—then known as NorthStar Utilities Group. Hired as the Director of Information Technology […]

“Learning that Saltchuk embraces the idea of moving and promoting from within gave me a sense of belonging.”

Angie Mogensen Executive Assistant to the President & CEO Saltchuk Marine Former teacher Angie Mogensen joined Saltchuk as a receptionist in 2019. Now an Executive Assistant to Jason Childs, President […]

“Everyone wants to do the right thing – no shortcuts. People are generally very positive, hardworking, and have can-do attitudes.”

Erin Eliasen General Counsel NorthStar Energy Attorney Erin Eliasen joined the Saltchuk Corporate Home as Associate General Counsel in June of 2018. She’s currently General Counsel for NorthStar Energy. “Taking […]

“I’ve never felt that I started a new role from scratch, from knowing best practices to a basic understanding of systems.”

Nick Boucher Controller Saltchuk Logistics Nick Boucher joined Saltchuk Corporate Home as a Senior Accountant in October of 2016 and has moved within the Saltchuk family twice—first transitioning into the […]

“I’ve found that taking on “stretch” projects and working within cross-company teams has been a great way to learn and build a network of people who know what you’re capable of.”

Emily Reiter Director, Communications & Marketing Saltchuk Emily Reiter joined TOTE Maritime Alaska in 2011 as a contractor. After two years with the TOTE Group, Saltchuk requested her help on […]