Jason Lingg

Director of Infrastructure and Operations


Jason Lingg began his Saltchuk career working for NorthStar Energy—then known as NorthStar Utilities Group. Hired as the Director of Information Technology in November of 2012, he worked out of a small office in downtown Ballard. His current role is Director of Infrastructure and Operations at Saltchuk.

“I saw it as an opportunity to influence the direction of IT across a bigger range of Saltchuk companies. “

What advantages do you see to growing within the same family of companies rather than seeking external opportunities?

 The biggest advantage is that you know what you are getting into. Each company is a little different, but as part of Saltchuk, they will operate ethically and responsibly.  It is also likely that you will know many of the people at the new company and will be able to predict how you will fit in.  

What similarities have you found in the culture between Saltchuk companies?

 The basic things are ethics and safety.  One thing that stuck with me from time at NorthStar was Bert’s emphasis on “Personal Agency”—the idea that you have the capability to take actions that make a difference. I see that across Saltchuk companies.

Was there anything you did that helped prepare you to take on a larger role at Corporate Home?

The thing for me was the interaction with other operating companies through our Saltchuk-wide IT group.  Seeing what was happening in other IT Departments at other Saltchuk companies got me started thinking about what could be done at the Saltchuk level to help the other companies operate more efficiently and economically. It led me to start thinking on a bigger scale.

Other thoughts?

I have been with Saltchuk companies for almost 10 years now. It really has been the best company I have ever worked for. From pulling cables through the snow in Prudhoe Bay to opening up offices in Florida, it has been an adventure.