Nick Boucher


Saltchuk Logistics

Nick Boucher joined Saltchuk Corporate Home as a Senior Accountant in October of 2016 and has moved within the Saltchuk family twice—first transitioning into the role of Controller for NorthStar Energy and eventually becoming Controller for Saltchuk Logistics.

“It’s a great fit, and the role absolutely fit within my long-term career goals.”

What advantages do you see to growing within the same family of companies rather than seeking external opportunities? 

One, I’ve been able to build and cultivate strong, long-term relationships with people at each business unit.  It makes walking through the halls a real pleasure when I’m able to strike up a conversation with lots of people from across the company. These relationships have also allowed me to connect with other people who maybe haven’t had the chance to connect with one another. Two, I’ve been able to share information from each job I’ve held and bring that information to other businesses within Saltchuk. Three, I’ve never felt that I started a new role from scratch, from knowing best practices to a basic understanding of systems. This has helped me learn about each business more quickly and has allowed me to provide lots of value back to the company quicker.     

What similarities have you found in the culture between Saltchuk companies?

From my perspective, the overwhelming similarities I’ve found at each of the businesses I’ve worked at is the shared belief of making our work a safe place. I think this comes from an underlying shared family-first culture—that we all share in the responsibility to ensure that our people are able to go home to their families every night safely. Additionally, at Corp Home, NorthStar, and now at Saltchuk Logistics, I’ve been able to understand that we all share a collective belief that we all want to do the right thing—by our people, our customers, our vendors, our shareholders, and our community.  Lastly, at every company I’ve been at, I’ve felt a tremendous sense of pride that we are all part of the Saltchuk family!  That really means something at each company, and we all share the feeling!   

Any other thoughts?

In both of my career moves, I had the pleasure of working with our HR teams directly.  Not only were they able to help with the transition and make it feel seamless, but they were also able to provide invaluable insight and direction along the way.