Liane Meyers

Senior HR Director

Saltchuk Aviation Shared Services

 Liane Meyers joined Saltchuk in 2001, just after Delta Western joined the family of companies. Delta Western at the time was managed by a small tugboat company, Seacoast Towing, already owned by Saltchuk.

“Managing HR for both companies was challenging for the administrative staff, so I was brought in to start up the HR department,” she said.

Meyers is now the Senior HR Director for Saltchuk Aviation Shared Services.

“I realized I needed new challenges to keep me fresh and energized.”

What advantages do you see to growing within the same family of companies rather than seeking external opportunities?

I trust Saltchuk and the ethical and safe foundation it’s built its companies on.  It was a very easy transition, and the learning curve was small—knowing I would have the same benefits, culture, and foundational elements within the organization while learning a new industry, systems, and management team.  I also already knew several managers on the NAS Management team, and I was excited to work with them day-to-day. It was a safe decision without any of the “unknowns” that usually go into a new job.

I love the teamwork between the business units. I felt like I had several cheerleaders within the organization supporting me to make sure the transition was successful. I have to admit, I also feel like an alumnus of NorthStar Energy. It’s beyond rewarding to see its growth and wins. I’m its biggest fan!  It’s so positive to be able to transition to a new career without burning any bridges.

Was there anything you did that helped prepare you to take on a larger role with one of the operating companies?

I would recommend employees take time to put together an individual development plan. I knew if I wanted to advance to senior leadership, I needed to be better with financial acumen and also reflect on some of my soft skills. Saltchuk offered courses for that, and I also worked with my manager on taking on some stretch projects. This continues to be a work in progress. Also, don’t be afraid to be open about your future career goals. No one is going to fire you for saying you want to grow your career!  We welcome that!

Other thoughts?

It’s the best of both worlds. Saltchuk has done a great job of providing large, public-type company benefits while still keeping the family feel. I definitely see the difference I make in the growth of the companies. I never thought I would be anywhere for 20-plus years, but there’s no reason to leave if you can change, grow and learn new things. Saltchuk has been very good to my family and me.