John Marcantonio

Vice President of Marine Operations

TOTE Services

John Marcantonio completed two tours of duty, supporting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, before joining Saltchuk’s former Marine Resources Group as an Operations Specialist on May 8, 2006. In his current role as Vice President of Marine Operations for TOTE Services, he oversees marine operations supporting TOTE’s Puerto Rican trade, including the world’s first LNG-powered containerships and North America’s first LNG bunker barge.

“I’m also responsible for business development in our clean energy sectors, which includes LNG Services and Offshore Wind support,” Marcantonio said. “I’m proud to be part of a company committed to innovation and environmental sustainability.”

What advantages do you see to growing within the same family of companies rather than seeking external opportunities? 

Saltchuk provides their employees with the opportunity to grow and develop. I feel like a part of the team rather than just a number or a box on the organizational chart. Saltchuk’s leadership team has known me by my first name for the entire 16 years I have worked here. Feeling like I am part of a family is important to me—it’s a feeling I would not have if I bounced around in my career. 

What similarities have you found in the culture between Saltchuk companies?

The two Saltchuk companies that I have worked for—Foss Maritime and TOTE Services—embody the values of Safety, Reliability, and Commitment, which mirror my personal values. These companies feel like family-run businesses and the comradery with my team is very fulfilling. Furthermore, as a member of the Saltchuk family of companies, I know that I am encouraged to speak up and take action on matters that compromise safety, ethics, or the success of our business. Most importantly, my voice when I first started as an Operations Specialist was as important as it is today as an executive. 

Was there anything you did that helped prepare you to take on a larger role with one of the operating companies?

While I was at Foss, I had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of roles to prepare me, from safety to operations to commercial. Foss also allowed me the flexibility to be able to pursue my MBA. I continue to learn and grow today in my current role at TOTE Services and have access to world-class leaders who mentor me, colleagues that inspire me, and team members who have the grit and determination to achieve our objectives.